Eva Papastergiou

Eva Papastergiou

Psychologist_Art Therapist

Art Therapy and a Picnic (Amsterdam edition)

We did it! The 1st Art Therapy and a Picnic event (Amsterdam edition) was a blast! Due to strong winds we had to move our event indoors but that didn’t hinder the creative flow.

“I enjoyed the possibility to express yourself freely trough art”


Participants were introduced to some basic concepts of Art Therapy such as:

  • using art materials in any way to express oneself freely,
  • expressing non-verbally through images and symbols,
  • valuing the emotional and personal aspect of an artwork rather than the aesthetic one,
  • artworks cannot be used as a diagnostic tool.

Various art prompts were available to help everyone ignite their creative process. Also, the participants were invited to tune in and respond artistically and non-verbally to what they were feeling in the moment. Some participants chose to reflect on the theme of safety, freedom, adaptation or grief. It was truly magnificent to witness each individual process. Elena, Shubhi and myself were available throughout the process providing a space for individual discussions or support.

All in all, the Art Therapy and a Picnic event offered the participants an opportunity to tap into their artistic side, relax, and explore their feelings in the present moment.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone that joined and of course my colleagues Elena from Protea Preventie and Shubhi (student psychologist) who played pivotal roles in making this event happen.

Your presence and active participation were invaluable, and we hope our paths cross again in future creative endeavours.

Until next time!


(We have acquired written consent to share participants’ artworks)