Eva Papastergiou

Eva Papastergiou

Psychologist_Art Therapist


What is art therapy?

Art psychotherapy/Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines the use of art materials and talking as a form of expression and communication. Art is not used as a diagnostic tool but as a spark for self exploration and a way of dealing with distressing emotions.

Who is it for?​

Art therapy is for people of all ages, abilities, and genders. Art therapy is for anyone interested in starting their psychotherapeutic journey. Personally, I specialise in:

  • self exploration
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • depression
  • work related stress
  • relationships
  • emotional regulation
  • expat and immigration adjustment
  • psychiatric diagnoses
  • sexual trauma
  • voice hearing
  • loss and grief
  • perinatal loss
  • LGBTQ+ related issues

Do I have to be able to paint?

Not really! Art Therapy is for anybody curious to express and explore their feelings through images and symbols. Art therapy focuses on the process of art-making rather than the final product. The intention is on how it feels rather than how it looks. The way that the final product (artwork) is seen is based on its emotional value and not on the aesthetic one. As a result, no art skills are required. Just an interest to get involved with art materials.