Eva Papastergiou

Eva Papastergiou

Psychologist_Art Therapist


I am Eva

I  am a licensed psychologist in Greece (20/10/2016/8014) and a qualified and registered art therapist in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. I am a member of HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists), EFAT (European Association of Art Therapists), and FVB and NVBT (Dutch Association of Art Therapists).

I have acquired with distinction an MA in Art Psychotherapy from University of South Wales and a BSc in Psychology from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I have attended a foundation course in Art Therapy in Metáfora, Barcelona.

I currently run my private practice online and in person in Amsterdam, Netherlands for Greek and English speakers. I also collaborate with New Pathways (Wales) providing online art therapy and counselling to survivors of sexual violence.

As a professional my goal is to empower people and amplify their voice in times of need; to offer a safe space for exploration, play, healing and change. Art therapy provides the framework and enables me to pursue these professional goals.

I have more than 10 years of experience (paid and voluntary) in the private and public sector in psychiatric clinics, refugee camps, and educational settings with adolescents and adults.

It is worth mentioning that I have worked for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM Greece) offering expressive art group therapy to displaced unaccompanied minors. 

I have been trained in the hospital “Princess of Wales” (NHS Wales) in providing art psychotherapy in an inpatient acute mental health environment to people with complex and enduring mental health issues. And in the outpatient psychiatric clinic of general hospital “G. Gennimatas” in Greece in providing individual psychotherapy to adolescents and young adults.

Other collaborations with organisations include METAdrasi NGO, Praksis NGO, Vision 21 – Cardiff and the creative learning center “Kid’s Way” where I had the chance to develop my professional skills further in psychosocial and supportive roles.

During my studies and in order to deepen my professional knowledge, I conducted a systematic literature review on the possible influences of planned termination of pregnancy on art psychotherapy practice. I have also researched individual differences in adolescent self-esteem during a period of economic crisis according to their gender and immigration status .

I highly value community projects. In 2016, I facilitated art-based wellbeing workshops for children and adults in Kypseli, Greece in collaboration with Municipality of Athens. In 2017, I co-facilitated an art expressive therapy group for unaccompanied minors in Kos island, Greece in collaboration with AMAKA NGO. My dream for 2022 is to start building an online creative community for expats in the Netherlands.

I have a personal interest in photography; I have participated in various seminars and group exhibitions. My personal favourite was organised by the Depression Era collective and Benaki Museum where I had the chance to raise awareness on mental health stigma. 

I strive to stay updated about new practices and guidelines by attending numerous seminars and conferences in the field of art therapy and psychoanalysis. To give an example, I have recently attended seminars on:

  • Online art therapy approaches and methods by BAAT
  • Art therapy based psychoeducation by BAAT
  • Healing trauma with guided drawing; a bilateral approach to sensorimotor body mapping by BAAT
  • Acting out and passage to the act by CFAR (Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research)
  • Sexual violence awareness by New Pathways
  • Trauma informed practice by New Pathways

I was born in Greece and I live in the Netherlands.