Eva Papastergiou

Eva Papastergiou

Psychologist_Art Therapist


I am a psychologist and a registered art therapist for adults/teens offering you a chance to harvest your power and make a change.

I can offer you a tailor-made approach and a non-judgmental space to gain self awareness and clarity. A place to process difficult and uncomfortable emotions that might hold you back from being the best version of You

I provide a space for you to identify and express your feelings. Being in sync with our emotional selves can lead to developing our inner strength and living a life full of happy moments.

I offer a chance for you to be creative, reflect on your personal challenges and explore the meaning of your individual experiences.

My areas of expertise are on expatriation, personal and family relationships, emotional regulation, and trauma.

Art psychotherapy (vaktherapie) may be partially reimburshed by Dutch insurance companies.

There's always a way. Find your own.​

Are you feeling overwhelmed, losing hope or just wanting things to be different?

Individual art therapy
Online/in person, Greek/English
Self-care workshops
A chance to get creative!
Group art therapy
Collective healing
There's always a way

Is art therapy right for You?

My approach

My approach is client-led and informed by psychoanalytic theory as well as feminist approaches in therapy. In addition, my practice is trauma-informed and takes into consideration how stress can affect the body. I am a qualified art therapist and this means that apart from talking I often suggest the use of art materials as part of the therapeutic process. I offer counselling and art therapy in Greek and English.

Art therapy is experiential

There are many different reasons that people seek out therapy. It can be to process a breakup, deal with stress, or explore themselves on a deeper level. Art therapy is an experiential process which helps you express conscious or unconscious emotions, fears, wishes. Art therapy is for anyone that wants to start their psychotherapeutic journey. Anyone interested in experimenting with art materials and creating their visual language.

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