Eva Papastergiou

Eva Papastergiou

Psychologist_Art Therapist


How does art therapy work?

Art therapy provides a confidential and nonjudgmental space for self exploration in the presence of an appropriate trained practitioner. Art making in the psychotherapy session or in between sessions offers the chance to be reflective, creative and hands-on. Expressing through images may help one identify their difficulties and find new ways to cope. Art therapy may encourage you to cultivate creative problem-solving skills, feel more relaxed, and heal past trauma.

In art therapy we undertake the task of making the unconscious conscious; to realise some of our deepest fantasies, fears, and desires. By doing so we might break our patterns and gain a certain level of freedom over our options and choices. In addition, we take on another task and that is to “create meaning together”. By looking together with the art therapist on some aspects of our life and emotions we attempt to make sense of our individual experiences.

A concerted effort to make the unconscious conscious and to create meaning where there's anxiety, confusion or futility.
G. Mander
Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Key therapeutic features

Change is possible

Change is something we can envision together and make it tangible step-by-step.

Can we arrange a session?

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