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Eva Papastergiou

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Art therapy
Fees and payment

You choose what art materials you want to use during the session or in between. When you enter the call you may have the chosen materials available close to you. You might be encouraged to show your artwork on the camera or email a photo of it to the art therapist. 

Art therapy uses visual art media. This includes but is not restricted to pens, pencils, paints, clay, collage, photography, video. Any creative expression is welcome.

Yes, the terms are used interchangeably.

Art lessons are usually facilitated by an art teacher, the focus is on learning a technique and how the final artwork looks aesthetically. In art therapy, you are working with a qualified psychotherapist, you are not learning about art techniques, and the focus is on thoughts and feelings.

Fees are discussed on an individual basis. 

You can pay via bank transfer.

The fees might be partially reimbursed by some Dutch insurances.

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